How Yoga Impacts My Behavior and Thought

I think about yoga literally every day. But no really, I do! And not just because I see posts on Instagram all the time.

For me, yoga is tied into finding some sort of peace within myself and challenging my body. I'm always thinking about: where I can practice, when I can practice, and what my body needs that day.
I stretch and move my body in a methodical and mindful way.

But do I get out my mat every day and do a 60 minute practice EVERY DAY? No. I would like to practice formally like that more often, but sometimes I just don't have it in me. We're all human.
Sometimes I feel really motivated, I have the energy, my body feels good... and other times I incorporate short bits of movement into many activities of my day.
When I'm cooking food, I stretch all across the kitchen floor. It gives me a few seconds to reconnect with my body and just observe how I'm feeling throughout the day. It helps ground me.

I continue to stretch when I can, but school has taken over and I don't get to practice as regularly as I'd like. My favorite site to use when I do full length practices is:

My partner and I also recently tried out a local yoga studio that we liked! Zen Yoga Boutique in Towson.

What do you like to do for yoga? Fast-paced, sweaty yoga? Restorative, slow yoga?