How to survive graduate school

Photo by Cory Schadt on Unsplash

How to survive graduate school...
That's a great question. Does someone have the answer?
Here are some hard lessons I've learned lately...

Say no.
You can't do everything, even if you really think you can. You can't. Accept that. You can't attend every seminar and still attend class. You can't join a department luncheon and still be prepared for your meetings.

I thought I could. I thought I could do all those things, and get my work done later in the day after the meeting, or the lunch, etc... or I could do my work the next day. Certainly I'm free then! But that time got eaten up by other things, and soon I realized days had passed and I had been slipping farther and father behind. I didn't assert my important assignments, so others got prioritized for me. Instead of spending my required time reading literature, I answered another student's emails and helped them. Instead of working on my proposal, I attended a workshop on communicating science to others.
Don't get me wrong, the workshop was great, and I wish I hadn't missed the beginning of it... But I did miss the beginning because the time I had allotted to work before the workshop got eaten up by the department lunch that went over time! I didn't even end up having any time to work between the two things; I had time to send a few emails and that was it!

Don't save things for later that you could do now.
Prioritize rest. And I mean restful rest.

If you can't sit any longer at your desk, if you're too restless to fall asleep at night, and if you're feeling sluggish: work out! Move your body! I love the home workouts by Fitness Blender on YouTube. I most recently did this 30 minute HIIT & abs workout.

Comment below for your go-to stress reliever!