Launching the Podcast - Coming February 2021!

Welcome to Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist!

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Stay tuned! We will be launching in February 2021.

This podcast is for STEAM students and early career scientists working hard to make this world a better place. We all have something to contribute to science!

We’ll hear from scientists, science communicators, and other professionals at various stages in their careers working in diverse environmental and social science roles. From each guest, we’ll learn about what connects them to science, how they got into their respective field, and what advice they have for the aspiring scientist or science-lover.

We’ll take a close focus on scientists from non-traditional backgrounds, such as those from historically marginalized groups. We’ll hear things like, How has your degree helped you? What have you learned so far in your science career? How can we improve science communication and scientific literacy?

I’m your host, Nicole Felts. I got my master of science in geography and environmental systems from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and my bachelor of science in biology from Towson University. I’m an ecologist, science communicator, and environmental justice advocate.

Dive in with me, as we shift our view from being wannabe scientists to embracing the real thing.