Season 02 (Communication) | Ep 01 | Freelance Science Journalist, Kristin Hugo

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Season 02 (Communication) | Ep 01 | Freelance Science Journalist, Kristin Hugo

In this episode, our host Nicole Felts interviews Kristin Hugo, a freelance science journalist. Kristin shares her enthusiasm for science communication, specifically, science journalism.

In this episode, Kristin dives into what work looks like as a freelance science journalist. Kristin talks about...

  • What drove her to pursue science journalism

  • What her day-to-day looks like

  • How she landed an internship and freelance gigs with Nat Geo, Newsweek, etc!

Kristin shares her wisdom about

  • How to get connected and how to find jobs in science communication

  • What skills you need to get into science journalism

  • How to overcome the challenges in the field of science communication

Connect with Kristin

Kristin Hugo’s Writings

Tiktok to RollBones

Tumblr Strange Biology

Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal? by Kristin Hugo

Four Creepy, Cool Ways Roadkill Helps Science by Kristin Hugo

Resources Kristin and Nicole mentioned - helpful, clear information about which publications pay their writers, and how much

EurekAlert! for Science News by AAAS

National Association of Science Writers

Society of Environmental Journalists

The Open Notebook

Scientific Writing Blog


Racing the Antelope by Bernd Heinrich

Houston, We Have a Narrative by Randy Olson

Don’t Be Such a Scientist by Randy Olson

Scientist’s Guide to Writing by Stephen B. Heard

Skeleton Keys- Riley Black


Newsweek Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal?

Consider the Lobster- David Foster Wallace


Human Leather Books episode of Ologies by Alie Ward

Thanks for tuning in! Stay tuned for next week’s episode with Laurie McGinley, an architect turned entrepreneur and science storyteller.


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