We've been on hiatus, but we want to change that


 Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

  So... Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist hasn't published a new episode since June, and I'm super bummed about that. But it's been tough for me to change that alone, so I'm asking for some help.

How You Can Help

I had two awesome volunteers, and they were crucial to publishing episodes with the frequency with which we published previously... but they both needed to move on to other ventures, so I need other support to continue this project.

As of right now, I have a couple of unpublished episodes and a few planned recordings, but I don't have the time to edit them into professional podcast form to release them. Sometimes just recording a conversation and publishing it is fine, but most of the time, especially for a podcast, it's not. So I need someone to take the time to edit each episode, which sometimes requires a lot of effort and time.

I sadly don't have the time right now because I'm working full time as a government contractor for the United States Geological Survey and I'm an adjunct professor of biology at Towson University.

I hope to begin releasing new content again before the end of 2021. Can you help make that happen?

Become a Collaborator

Please share this blog post if you know of anyone who would be interested in collaborating on this project with me. I want to produce content that is helpful to early-career scientists, and from the beginning, I received an overwhelming amount of feedback that this type of content was invaluable, so I'd like to continue this work - I just need a little help from my friends. 😄💚


Thank you to those who’ve subscribed, tuned in once, shared the show, or simply been a cheerleader for the mission. We’ll see you soon.

~ Nicole, The Wannabe Scientist