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Join us every other week for new episodes of Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist. Listen to our host, Nicole, interview a variety of scientists who study or work in various fields of science, and how their work relates to key issues of today such as sustainability, environmental justice, and climate change. 

Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist takes diversity seriously. We recognize historically marginalized groups are underrepresented in science and we intend to do what we can to emphasize the contributions and worth of all types of peoples being involved in science. We are also self-critical. If you see language here that, while well-intentioned, may miss the mark, please reach out (if you are able) and help steer us as we do our best. 

Our goal is to provide content that would help aspiring scientists to change from "wannabe" scientists to feeling more like the real thing!

From this podcast, you can expect to hear personal stories, struggles, advice, and words of wisdom from

  • Graduate students
  • Early-career scientists
  • Advanced career scientists
  • “Non-traditional” STEAM professionals


This podcast is for STEAM undergraduate and graduate students, as well as early-career scientists or science-lovers. Listener backgrounds can vary widely from majors related to sustainability, climate change activists, soil scientists, senior data scientists, journalists, art students... if you’re conscious about using your skillset to work on climate issues, you belong here! The commonality between all of us is that we are passionate about using science and systems thinking to create meaningful changes on all levels (local, regional, and global), knowing that we are part of a larger system: earth.


To provide direction and support for early-career scientists and students; to conduct interviews with guests that are relevant to the questions and needs of the listeners.

  1. To uplift listeners and to facilitate a sense of community and story-telling and sharing among science-lovers & scientists
  2. To encourage, support, and provide vital information to STEAM undergraduate and graduate-level students looking to enter various fields of natural and environmental sciences
  3. To create a sense of global inclusion for emerging scientists
  4. To have listeners walk away informed and capable of contributing to science

What to Expect

Each episode is an interview with someone new. We’ll hear their journey and learn any words of wisdom they may have about how to enter their field, how to succeed (what success looks like for them), and what key resources they have to share.

Some topic examples we will cover are: what to do as a student to prep for post-grad, intern, contribute; how to pursue sustainability work in the public sector, in cities/towns/communities; what opportunities exist with NGOs; how to effectively and genuinely network; how to utilize your unique skills; how to incorporate mindfulness into your work; how to be an effective science communicator.


Seasons are organized by broad categories to help listeners quickly find topics or roles that are most relevant to them. We add to each season all the time; the seasons are not sequential!

Season 1: Policy (Climate/ Science policy associate)

Season 2: Communications (Science Journalists, STEAM Writers)

Season 3: Academia (Professors, Researchers)

Season 4: Entrepreneurship (Startups, climate problem-solving)

Season 5: Education (Env Educators in schools, freelance, or nature centers)

Season 6: Foreign Affairs (Trade, Economists/ Ecological economists)

Season 7: Technology (Data Scientists, Engineers)

Season 8: Activism (Environmental Justice Advocates)

Season 9: Interdisciplinary polyglot (you have a hard time categorizing yourself/ your work)

Disclaimer: At Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist, we are not endorsing people, products, or services unless a partnership or professional relationship is explicitly stated.

Science is at its best when everyone has the opportunity to understand and participate.

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Updated May 28th, 2021


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